Springing Forward

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Time…one of the two currencies that we use to barter our lives away, is much more important, in my opinion, than money…the other. I am sure there are those who would disagree, but this is my blog, and I’ll spend my time here ranting about it if I choose.

See what I mean? We use the word ‘spend’ to describe all exchanges of either. Time and money really do seem to rule our world.

Today, a few confused weeks into Daylight Saving Time here in South Texas, it is pitch dark when I must wake to begin my work day and I am not yet accustomed to ‘light and bright’ when I should be thinking about ending it. Will I ever be? Is it just me; or isn’t it just easier to settle in and wind down around twilight? To my mind, a deliciously shrubby cocktail and a gorgeous sunset are the perfect way to end any day’s toil.

Count me among those who don’t get it. What are we saving daylight for? I find it both stingy and silly. After all, saving daylight doesn’t add one more minute to a day.  It only makes it difficult to know when to stop with one kind of activity and begin another. What’s worse, this miserly saving daylight obsession is encroaching on ever more months each year.

There, I feel much better now that’s said. Let’s move on to happier thoughts.

As you surely know by now, most waking hours, whether light or dark, are spent lost in “shrubbery” here. Choosing fruit, chopping fruit, stirring fruit or obsessing about what fruits are now the ripest and most succulent, takes up every minute…not even dreams are safe.

Loquats 2

Here’s the happy news. These early spring days, dreams are full of sweet promise and inspiration.

Loquats are set and plentiful. They’ll be fat, golden and ready to pillage by late May. There’ll be berries of every sort to crush, in just short weeks. Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit still abounds at market. The heady perfume of fuzzy, juicy, luscious peaches will fill our kitchen soon. Springtime is here, and no matter what the clock says, in the shrubbery, it’s our kind of time!

More soon, as chopping and stirring allow…


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