Weather, or not?

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The last time I started a blog post, the temperature was well below freezing here in San Antonio, and I was sipping a steaming cup of our Apple Spice Shrub. (Yes, each blog post is sure to have multiple starts. Life always seems to find a way to intervene between first and last lines.)

Shrub Drink 6

Since then, we’ve had just about every sort of weather you can imagine. Bathing suit weather, icy weather, gorgeous sunny days, dark and dreary days, rain…and just this past weekend, winds that threatened to blow us right away. You name it weather-wise; we’ve enjoyed it already in 2014.

Today, the weather forecast includes ‘wintry mix’. A peek through the shutters reveals an almost imperceptible mist that could be flurries or simply nasty wet stuff. Good day for writing.

So, here I am again, attempting another blog post and remembering my father, who was well-loved for his ability to spout uniquely appropriate aphorisms at every occasion, in a wonderful Tex-Italian accent.

One of his favorite weather related ones was: “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, stick around; it will change.”

Seems that life and the weather have that in common. The one sure thing is change. How we deal with it makes all the difference. Smile, learn and adapt…that’s our golden ticket to Happyville.

Here in the shrubbery, we’ve learned that our Shrub Drinks are as good hot as they are cold.
Folks love them in hot toddies or tea, with or without a drop of the hard-stuff. What fun we’ve had exploring and pouring, but that’s another story.

The beautiful photo above was taken by our friend, Bonnie Walker of San Antonio’s savviest foodie site, SavorSA, who says she served and sipped hot Shrub Drinks, all through the holiday season. If you haven’t checked out her site, you really owe yourself a visit.

You’ll also want to check out the “Recipes” section of this site where you’ll surely find a few concoctions to fall for.

Try some of the other recipes, too. Soon, warm and sunny climes will return and perhaps you just won’t mind the wait.

More, soon…


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