Took all year to get here

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GSCS Shrub DrinkOkay, so it’s not infernally hot anymore. Actually, we’ve been busy trying to stay warm these past few days. Yes, we are painfully aware this post has been a long time coming. Let’s imagine that the delay was deliberate, so that our news might coincide with this joyful season, shall we?

Oh yes, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here in the shrubbery; the holiday hustle and bustle is in full swing. Count us among those who feel that this is truly “the most wonderful time of the year.” It just doesn’t last long enough and it takes all year to get here.

What’s been happening in our Shrub Drinkskitchen while we waited? Well, our newTomatillo-Lime -SerranoConcord Grape,Apple Spice and Prickly Pear shrubs have occupied countless hours of our time. No complaints, we’re proud of each one and hope you’ll love them as much as we do. Deciding how to showcase the glorious citrus from our Texas Valley has kept up busy, too…Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit anyone? Cranberry Tangerine is ready to bottle, and it’s a beauty.

Of course, we’ve stirred up batches of every flavor that you already know, provided the fruit was primo; you know we are oh-so picky.

But the real story here in the shrubbery has been our Life-Changing Pineapple.
In the last few months, we’ve carefully chosen, patiently waited for perfect ripeness, then cut up, spiced and tended a gazillion pineapples and here’s why:

Shrub Drinks has a beautiful and slightly unusual arrangement with an amazing organization here in San Antonio, Good Samaritan Community Services. Good Sam is an outreach of the Episcopal Church that for several decades has been serving a diverse and deserving community of all ages, here on San Antonio’s Westside, and at several satellite locations around South Texas. Want to know more? Here’s their

The words “Changing Lives” appear under their logo, and we can tell you first hand that they truly do.

We knew from day-one that we wanted to do something in addition to serving board lunches every other month, and teaching cooking classes to the “seniors community” at GSCS  to help them to make the most of the ‘commodity bags’ that the SA Food Bank delivers.

So…we created a special Shrub Drinks, using the fruit that symbolizes friendship and hospitality, just as Good Sam does every day. Since we feel strongly about context, we added Guajillo chile and swaths of lime zest to approximate the flavor, and all the tangy spice of the snacks so popular with kids of all ages in this part of the world.

Long story, short, we’re donating all profit from the sale of this spectacularly scrumptiousShrub Drinks to Good Samaritan Community Services. It hardly seems enough for all the inspiration they provide. You really should try some; we hope you’ll taste the love that’s in it.

Peace and Joy!
The Shrubettes


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