Lost in Fruit-opia

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Mercy, it’s HOT!  Summer, gloriously steamy, infernal giver of gorgeous fruit, is making a last slow-dance across Texas, as we bid August farewell!

There is a certain panic in our air here in the Shrub Drinks kitchen. Have we processed enough peaches? They’ll be a memory, soon. Cherries, gone already, and even though it feels as though we crushed tons and tons between our fingers; we wish for more. Kiss them all goodbye!
 Begin thinking about what comes next!
We try to take it as a ‘life lesson’ in the joy that comes with more awareness of the seasons and their changes. But, summer still makes us dance as fast as we can, to capture its overflowing bounty of perfect specimens, and turn them into Shrub Drinks.

All life is fruit, in our world these days…ripe, fragrant, and perfectly beautiful to look at, smell and touch…and process!  We remember well the fable of “The Ant and the Grasshopper”.  We’re working hard. We know that if you want a shrub to be wonderful, you’ve got to start with the very best fruit…and this has definitely been the season for that!

More, soon…after the pineapples.


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