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You cannot imagine how happy we are that you landed here, and found Shrub Drinks, or… how very pleased we are that our website is ALIVE at last.

The great sportswriter, Red Smith, once said, “There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” I imagine if I did so these days you’d find some version of a shrub flowing through mine.
As the company’s appointed scribe, from this day forward, I will put down the knife and spoon at least once a week and hit the keys to give you a more personal peek at what goes on “behind the shrubs” here at Shrub Drinks. It is my great hope that it will become more dialogue than monologue…your input is always most cordially solicited.
This is blog post #1, so let’s get some of the basics (things you may also learn about us elsewhere on our site) out of the way:
  • Shrub Drinks is a partnership of two, well-seasoned female chefs. Yes, really, only two of us do it ALL, well…almost ALL. One of us is blessed with a dream of a life partner. To make this long story short…without his help, we’d be in a pickle most of the time.
  • Though our lives, experiences and temperaments are as different as salt from pepper, the two of us play beautifully together in the kitchen…probably because we share similar palates, and similarly high expectation of ourselves. Our partnership works, literally and figuratively.
  • You should know that cooking is like breathing to us, we dream in flavor and color. It is even our recreation. We simply can’t help it!
  • Our business has a uniquely philanthropreneurial bent. There will be much more to tell about that in a future post.
  • Well Seasoned LLC, our umbrella company, allows us to satisfy our primal culinary urges by producing a line of fine fresh prepared foods, when we aren’t practicing the art of shrubbery. See www.wellseasonedcuisine.com to learn more.
  • Call us “old school” if you like; we’d consider it high praise. We heartily subscribe to timeworn gustatory traditions; including starting with the very best ingredients, and coaxing every gorgeous bit flavor from them with love and care. Yes, it is a double edged sword.
  • Creating each Shrub Drinks flavor gives us a priceless opportunity to do what we love, which is to delight and surprise palates. We just can’t seem to stop the ideas for more and more flavors.
  • We truly are blown away at how easily Shrub Drinks become indispensable at the bar and in the kitchen.  Why, oh why, have they languished so long in back of the pantry obscurity?

Okay,  it’s back to the “shrubbery” now, and on to apples, more glorious peaches, perhaps plums…and we really do want to get more of those sweet, crisp almost black cherries….so, more next week.


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